Image from Gignoux Photos
Image from Gignoux Photos


Appalachia Mountain tops to Moonscapes. Looking at the effects of mountain top Removal in America’s coal heartland. 
we have been developing and making #photobook #zines showing two environmental projects, @alangignoux 
looking at the Oil Industry in Alberta and Coal in Appalachia.

Our Oil Photobook / Zine will be with us in January and Appalachia shortly after, I can’t wait to share and distribute both books.

@gignouxphotos is an established photojournalism and multimedia company, whose projects focus on the socio-political and environmental issues around the world. Working with non- governmental organisations such as CARE, Oxfam and the British Council.
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Working with @chloejuno @cjkemble

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Oil Sands Book

Emily Stanley makes our first Dummy photo zine


We are making a photobook / Zine with and Chloe Juno 

This is our first dummy being made, we are now fine-tuning our next dummy. 


Oil Sands / Tar Sands Feature and Interview 2017

"On of the land & us today, we are featuring the work of photographer Alan Gignoux — Gignoux’s work stood out to us as a work which has had and continues to have absolute dedication and tireless effort poured into it, to bring to light the goings on around topics such as this. Prior to this project, we ourselves had little-to-no knowledge of the oil sands, and, essentially, the consequences of these works"



Western Sahara has been selected on



OIL SANDS / TAR SANDS Exhibition 16th Aug 16th Sep

OIL SANDS / TAR SANDS  is showing at the Fishing Quarter Gallery Brighton

16th Aug - 16th Sep 2017  Photography will be showing along with interviews from the project.

Kings Road Arches, Brighton seafront  @FGQgallery on Instagram  


FLOW Photofest Sep 2017

Great News, my Ethiopian taxi drivers will be exhibited at The Highland Print Studio in Inverness throughout out the festival this September. 


Rucka Artist Residency Awards Announced

Rucka Artist Residency Awards 

I am very proud to be recipient of a scholarship for the Rucka Artist Residency programme for 2016 – 2017 


AOP Awards

Excited and honoured

Our short film,  Appalachia: Mountain Tops to Moonscapes  is a finalist in the moving image category at this year's AOP Awards.

The ancient mountain forests of Appalachia have been felled and what remains is an eerie, barren landscape of rough-hewn rock.   The short film shows the effects of mountain top removal in America's coal heartland.

The Awards will be presented at a special ceremony at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Land on the evening of 13 October and followed by the exhibition and a packed program of talks and seminars and workshops under the title of Beyond the Lens running Friday 14 - Monday 17 October. 


dodho Magazine Feature

Work from this growing project is now featured on dodho magazine and its looking great!


Music of exile from the Saharawi of the Western Sahara

Working with   Film and Stills. 

The previously nomadic Saharawi people are now restricted in refugee camps in Algeria, scattered in the Western Sahara and living in small numbers in diaspora across the world. Their music tells of a common identity and struggle - ongoing for 40 years but rarely spoken of. 
This short film teaser features some of the founders of the first national, organised Saharawi group, the El Wali Band and acts as an introduction to an ever present and increasingly pressing international issue. 


Triodos Bank

A JOURNEY THROUGH THE OIL SANDS  The impact of oil on Alberta, Canada.  

Our project has been featured on the Triodos Bank blog  The Colour of Money.


Oil Sands: Roland Woodward argues for the rights of First Nations

A member of the Woodland Cree First Nation, living next to Lake Gregoire Provincial Park, Roland Woodward talks about the economic and environmental issues confronting First Nations since the development of the tar sands.


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gignouxphotos: Oil Sands

Are the economic benefits of oil sands extraction worth the environmental damage?  Alan Gignoux has investigated the complex issues surrounding the oil sands industry since 2010. 

Featured in Revolve Magazine and Vice


AtkinsCIWEM Environmental Photographer of the year

Atkins CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year Exhibition 2015

Appalachia: Mountaintops to Moonscapes - Film Short and Photography from Gignouxphotos: Oil Sands.

Will be shown at The Royal Geographical Society, London  

22 June - 10 July 2015


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Western Sahara - Algeria

Sandblast Arts Commisson 2015,

Sandblast is a UK human rights charity promoting the voices and visions of the indigenous Saharawi from Western Sahara through the arts. Partnering with The Scottish Arts Council.


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Homeland Lost - The Palestinians

A British Council and AM Qattan Foundation sponsored project in which Alan Gignoux juxtaposes portraits of Palestinian refugees taken where they are today with images of their former homes and villages in Israel. 

Exhibited internationally, including the Barbican, London.