About Alan Gignoux



Gignouxphotos is an established multimedia company, focusing on socio-political and environmental controversies around the world. Working with NGOs such as CARE, Oxfam, and the British Council, our projects have achieved international success. Gignouxphotos demonstrates a commitment to recording the effects of occupation and displacement on individual communities in different parts of the world. Long-term photographic projects have taken us to the Middle-East, North Africa, Canada, and beyond.


Our Work

The company’s best-known body of work, Homeland Lost, is a series of photo essays, looking at long-term refugee crises around the world. The first in the series looks at the Palestinian situation and has been exhibited extensively in the Middle-East and Europe. Homeland Lost is among only a handful of projects addressing the Palestinian refugee crisis to have been exhibited in Israel. More recently, Gignouxphotos has been producing two multimedia projects which investigate environmental questions. These include the ongoing devastation of the Appalachian mountain landscape, and the damage to water systems caused by the Oil Sands in Alberta, Canada.


The founder of Gignouxphotos, Alan Gignoux, has been working as a professional documentary photographer since 2000. Prior to that, he has worked as a documentary researcher and journalist. Alan has completed residencies with the NCAA in Russia, and The Ruchka Centre in Cesis, Latvia.




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  • Creative Boom
  • Foto8
  • Near East Quarterly
  • New York Times
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  • Many more


  • Atkins CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year, London (2015)
  • Exploding Cinema, London (2015)
  • Flagler Film Festival, Florida (2016
  • Flow Photofest, Scotland (2017)
  • Frack Fest, Oklahoma (2015) 
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  • London Film Festival (2015) 
  • Portobello Pop-Up Cinema, London (2015)
  • The International 8th Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival (2015)
  • The Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival (2015)


  • AOP AWARDS Finalist Shortlisted – Short Film Appalachia: Mountaintops to Moonscapes (2016)
  • Fresh Milk – General Winner (2009) 
  • International Photography Awards – Honourable Mention for ‘The Palestinians’ (2009) 


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  • Oil Sands - Curse or Blessing: Brighton Photo Fringe (2014)
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  • Associated Press – South Africa
  • British Council – Middle East
  • Market Theatre Photography Workshop – Johannesburg
  • Missouri Photo Workshop – Cuba 
  • Russian Arts Council 2009 NCAA – Russia
  • Care USA – Africa, Middle East and Europe
  • Sandblast – Western Sahara
  • SOS International – Mongolia 
  • World Bank – Lebanon


  • Oil Sands (Photobook / Zine ) ISBN 978-1-9999610-0-8