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We are raising money to create an interactive web documentary on one of our largest projects to date - "Gignouxphotos: A Journey Through The Oil Sands". We have over 5 years’ worth of content and are wanting to showcase in the best way possible, and we've chosen the interactive documentary format, as it is not only pushing the boundaries of what's possible narratively, but also allows the viewer to experience and discover all the content in their own way, and to draw their own conclusions as a result.

However, this is not an easy task, and with so much material (on an on-going topic) we need the support to help bring together the full team required to build such an endeavour. From editors to designers, musicians to developers, it is an all-encompassing project that will also shape the way we tell our stories in the future.

To help make this project a reality, we are offering people the opportunity to Donate and be a part of something truly special, as we team up with different partnerships across the globe, to join our mailing lists, receive project updates, explore it's progress, and receive exclusive offers and the opportunity to attend exhibitions and private functions.

If you are interested in being a part of this project, please donate now by clicking this link or the button below, or alternatively get in contact via our contact page.

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We also have a fiscal sponser so you can also donate here: