Human Accumulations

Alan and Jenny have visited Niagara Falls in April and August 2017 and April 2018 for the Human Accumulations project.  This gallery includes a selection of images from those visits.

gignouxphotos: Oil Sands

Are the economic benefits of oil sands extraction worth the environmental damage?  Alan Gignoux has investigated the complex issues surrounding the oil sands industry since 2010. 

Featured in Revolve Magazine and Vice

Appalachia: Mountaintops to Moonscapes

The ancient mountain forests of Appalachia have been felled and what remains is an eerie, barren landscape of rough-hewn rock.  Alan Gignoux witnesses the effects of mountain top removal in America's coal heartland. Featured in FOTO8

Racing in Ireland

Horse Racing is one of Ireland's favorite pastimes and new stables are opening, bringing interest from non-traditional horse racing parts of the world as the Irish use non-traditional methods such as training in salt water and on the beach. 

The excitement of Irish horse racing flows into the betting areas and the other social aspects of the large tracks at kildare and Portmarkin.


 The states of Missouri, Indiana and Michigan, during the pivotal election year, 2016.

Ethiopia's Jerusalem

Alan Gignoux witnesses Ethiopian Orthodox worshippers on their pilgrimage to the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela.

Homeland Lost - The Palestinians

A British Council and AM Qattan Foundation sponsored project in which Alan Gignoux juxtaposes portraits of Palestinian refugees taken where they are today with images of their former homes and villages in Israel. 

Exhibited internationally, including the Barbican, London.

Waldorf Barbershop

One Dublin’s most famous and oldest barber shops. Waldorf Barbershop has being trading since 1929 this old-style barbershop is as good for short-back-and-sides as a slick modern crop and Movember touch-ups. The shop has recently been restored to its former glory with terrazzo floors, original chairs and wooden units.

Leaving Clarksdale

Alan Gignoux finds the blues tradition living on in the Mississippi Delta's "birthplace of the blues."

Vancouver Pride 2014

Attracting crowds of more than 650,000, the Vancouver Pride Parade is renowned on the international stage as one of the largest and most successful LGBTQ events in the world.  Alan Gignoux photographs the fans.

Homeland Lost - The Saharawi

In a sequel to his photo essay looking at the Palestinian refugees, Alan Gignoux explores how another refugee group, the Saharawi of Western Sahara, have been affected by occupation and displacement. 



Russian Residency - Russian Arts Council 2009 NCAA

If, by chance

While working in 2000 as a photojournalist in post-apartheid South Africa, Alan Gignoux regularly took photographs of street life.  The resulting images are a revealing record of contemporary life in a nation undergoing a complex process of social change.

Eyes and Ears of the Canadian North

The Canadian Rangers are part-time reservists, taken mainly from the Aboriginal population, who provide a military presence in remote Northern Canada and the Canadian Arctic.  Alan Gignoux joins them on patrol.

La Corniche, Beirut

Alan Gignoux visits the war-scarred city's famous seaside promenade, still a favorite recreational area.


Alan Gignoux visits AfrikaBurn, Africa's answer to Nevada's Burning Man Festival in the heart of the Karoo Desert, South Africa.  

Ekaterinburg Hospital

An abandoned hospital in Ekaterinburg, The Urals, Russia.

Western Sahara - Algeria

Sandblast Arts Commisson 2015,

Sandblast is a UK human rights charity promoting the voices and visions of the indigenous Saharawi from Western Sahara through the arts. Partnering with The Scottish Arts Council.

Regis Gignoux Paintings

Human Accumulations is a creative response to a selection of paintings of iconic sites in the American landscape by Regis Gignoux.  Alan will visit the places represented for extended periods over the next two years in order to build an understanding of how they have developed since the nineteenth century in the light of the values and aspirations associated with them at the time.  The sites in question are: Niagara Falls, the White Mountains, Lake George, Peekskill on Hudson and Mammoth Cave.