Image from Gignoux Photos
Image from Gignoux Photos


OBSCURA - work from gignouxphotos current project is on show Photofusion Salon/19
“I am using a camera obscura to photograph migrants in Europe, who are rendered invisible by their unresolved immigration status and the EU’s inability to decide upon a cooperative and coordinated response to the migrant crisis. Obscura is produced in collaboration with Platforma, the Arts and Refugees Network. I have travelled to Calais and Vienna and will continue to document refugees in other European cities.”
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Gignouxphotos is an established photojournalistic and multimedia company, whose projects focus on the socio-political and environmental aspects of controversial issues around the world. Working with Non-Governmental Organisations such as CARE, Oxfam and the British Council. Working with @chloejuno @j.christensson ———————————————————————————
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Oil Sands

You can order our new photobook Oil Sands 

The Oil Sands project documents the devastating effects that the extraction of Oil can have on a landscape as well as the complicated human relationship with the oil industry.

Hidden within the vast landscapes are a number of pockets that contain fragments of often overlooked stories documenting the experiences of the people most affected by the oil industry in this area,

Stanley James Press designed this publication as well as hand binding each copy. Working with curator Chloe Juno.